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We solve the existing problem with traditional talent acquisition firms.
These problems impact hiring needs when it matters most.

The TalentWerx Mission

TalentWerx is a talent acquisition firm devoted to ensuring our clients remain competitive in today's workforce by delivering top talent.

We move with speed and accuracy to meet the hiring demands of our clients at lower costs than traditional firms, and endeavor to ensure our candidates have a positive experience.

Don't just take our word for it!

Read about the experiences from candidates who have reached the next level of their careers with our help.

To be honest, I have never used other recruiting agencies. However, the singular aspect which stood out to me is communication. The TalentWerx Associate was very good at communicating clearly and consistently. Some company's communicate initially then you never hear from them again, but my associate kept communications alive throughout the process. It sounds odd to say, but it was enjoyable. Very comfortable and felt more like a conversation and discussion rather than being tested for the "right" answer. Exceptional. Outstanding. Communication, follow-through and execution were top-caliber. I am so grateful for TalentWerx being proactive and engaged.
Course Developer
TalentWerx had a more personal touch and great feedback through the entire interview process. They had excellent communication and feedback during the entire process. I enjoyed my experience and highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great talent acquisition experience.
Director, Cybersecurity
TalentWerx did a superb job finding me for a position when in fact I was not even actively looking for a job. Quick follow-ups with TalentWerx proved to me that they were staffed with highly professional people that take pride in their work and company. After getting hired, my instincts were correct and I'm thankful that they helped me to join a company that was professional, friendly, organized, quick to get things accomplished, and truly invested with helping their employees expand their skills. This wouldn't have been possible without the work that all the TalentWerx Associates do to find potential candidates that fit the positions they're trying to fill.
Infrastructure Systems Admin